BINAURAL MEDITATION – AUDIO: Easy Meditation. Modern method. Results in alpha and theta brain waves.

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Binaural Meditation

First of all, Binaural Meditation occurs when listening to dissimilar frequencies in the right and left ear. It is crucial that headphones are used.
Listening to binaural beats activates alpha brain waves and as a result it can help you to relax and to sleep.

More importantly it is the modern way to meditate.

You can further help the meditation process by letting the sound I-ING ( sounds like Eye – ing) go through your mind. Link this sound or mantra to the rhythm that you hear through your earphones.

Whatever occurs as you listen – LET IT BE. If your mind drifts LET IT BE: just slowly return your attention to the binaural sound and the I-ING.

Here is an article from ( I would advise as a good source of binaural meditation information.

What can you use binaural meditation for?

1. Enhancing your meditation practice: “Meditation is very important. It has a very high objective – to take us away from this world of suffering into the world of happiness, joy and Bliss. It is a method, a discipline, that we have to follow very discreetly and if we follow it properly we will find that meditation helps us to discover ourselves, what we really are.” – Swami Nirliptananda.

Binaural beats help you get into meditation; from there, you can work on self-discovery or any other objective – or, simply ‘be’ and enjoy the meditative experience with no agenda.

2. Increasing your intelligence and mental abilities: you’ve heard of the Mozart effect, right? People who listen to Mozart’s work tend to score higher on various cognitive tests and demonstrate higher mental performance. Binaural beats do the same thing: they help create a synchronicity between the brain’s hemispheres. This helps you think more holistically. Instead of being predominantly a left-brain analyst or a right-brain creative, you become a whole-brain thinker.

To stimulate this ability, listen to binaural beats and then go work on brain puzzles or complex problems. Also, keep a journal! Meditation often leads to an amazing amount of inspired ideas. Write them down before you forget them!

Creativity and stress relief are two benefits of binaurals.3. Stress relief:  meditation is the best way to relieve stress, and what better way than to be soothed by a soundtrack that takes you away from your problems more easily than the best bubble bath and wine? Studies have shown that daily meditation increases activity in areas of the brain responsible for positive moods. Stress relief is critical for improving and maintaining health, so a daily meditation practice will have effects that reach literally every cell in your body.

How to use binaural meditation for stress relief: When you’re meditating, you’re more aware of your mental chatter. Listen to it and you will see how negative it tends to be. You can shut that down in two ways. First, focus and re-focus on the music and get your mind off your worries. Second, when an unwanted thought intrudes, replace it with one that makes you feel happy. For example, “I’m broke! How will I ever pay my rent!” is a stress-causing thought. Replace it with, “Every day I am becoming more aware of income-producing opportunities.” Of course use your own language and tailor your replacement to your needs – and make it a command, like this sentence just did. It is telling the brain to hunt for income.

The best part about using binaural beats is you can just relax into it and let them do the work. You don’t need any knowledge of how it all works to get the effects. Just remember to use stereo headphones, and off you go into the amazing, fascinating world of your mind!


In conclusion a binaural audio is an essential GOOD LIFE SKILL.










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