What skill did you learn today?

How to be happy and ward off depression. From the age of one week we are learning life skills. Why do we ever stop? There is good evidence that learning skills is good for psychological health at every age. Adolescents who have learned a sporting skill or a musical skill are much more likely to […]

Meditation Demystified

Demystifying meditation Are you overwhelmed by meditation advice? Do you believe that you should take a six month course in meditation. Have you ever looked at a wood fire or a candle and found that you start to daydream as you look at the flames. If you have then you have meditated. Meditation is very […]

How to Make Stress Your Friend

You will enjoy this video and find it very helpful. It lasts for 15 minutes but could save your life. Kelly McGonigal is a Health Psychologist. She presents evidence to show that stress is not a killer. The BELIEF THAT STRESS IS HARMFUL is the killer. Our aim should be to befriend stress and see it […]

Facebook offer

THE ADVENTURES OF JOE AND THE LITTLE GIANT Kindle reviews of “Joe & the Little Giant”: “Great story and gorgeous illustrations. An excellent children’s book! Hopefully the start of a series? A very easy and enjoyable read.” “What a lovely book. Imaginative, colourful and entertainting. I recommend downloading it.” “My son especially loved the way […]

Ukelele Skills

  Basic Ukelele Skills Here is a charming video that teaches the basic chords as well as how to strum It will certainly get you started and who knows where it could lead Save Save NOW Go To www.goodlifeskills.net for training videos Save

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